Coleus Plant

About Us

FloraScapes Designs is a woman and law enforcement owned company in Lee County, FL.

Casey and Kris met in 2020 during the height of the pandemic and shared a passion for gardening. We put our ideas together, each having different backgrounds, and created a new face in the Landscape profession. Native Florida plants are so important for our ecosystem, and we strive to inspire more people to incorporate these into their landscape. We find it important to improve the curb appeal of each home, whether you're building new, revamping old, or changing the face of your home completely.


At FloraScapes, we understand that plants don't grow in a cookie cutter fashion, therefore, you can't put a contact on them. Instead, we create custom plans that fit the client's needs and wants. Whether it be multiple times a month, an as needed basis, or a one time refresh, we adapt to you.

Due to the fact that yards need customization and TLC, we pride ourselves on this innovative idea of designing projects based on close client engagement in each process. We listen to every detail to shape each vision.